Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So there have been reports of stunned-looking parents walking out of "Watchmen" with the young children they never should have brought to an R-rated movie in the first place. Which just blows my mind. People, do you not read movie reviews? Do you just blindly blow $40 on whatever's new at the multiplex without stopping to consider age-appropriateness first?

It annoys me personally because as much as I loved the graphic novel, as much as I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, I wouldn't bring anyone under 18 in with me because I know what's in the book/movie and it isn't pretty. Also I'm hearing the movie is even *more* violent, as though that were possible.

The thing is, people tend to assume that if a mask and cape are involved, it's kiddie fare and therefore harmless. Because all comic books and cartoons are cheesy little kiddie things and no adults read or watch them. Except that they aren't, and we do. And most of the comics I have read over the years are the same ones I'll be keeping very, very far away from my kid until he's at least high school age, and maybe older. ("Sandman" and "100 Bullets," for instance.) As for the cartoons ... "Spirited Away" was wonderful and easily an all-ages affair, but "Princess Mononoke" would likely give small children nightmares. And those were from the same director.

So read the reviews, people, they're there for a reason. Google it at least before you buy the tickets. Or, I don't know, don't be too cheap to spring for a babysitter. Because it's not like this only happens with superhero movies. We saw "28 Days Later" in the theaters, and that was scarier than your average zombie flick. And from the back of the theater, I could occasionally hear small children crying. I hope those kids' future therapy bills were worth it.

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  1. We saw it Friday night( day before Thunder) and I hated it. HATED IT. Look- it made me all capsy. Since you said you did not see it yet I won't recap. I will be interested in your opinion. I think it was Newsweek(Time? the one with the issue on health care costs this week)and it was interesting.

    I am always surprised to see what people will allow their children to see.