Sunday, March 29, 2009

So I'm studying cupcake recipes online, trying to decide whether I dare.

The kiddo's birthday party is upcoming and we'll need dessert of some kind. Preferably something we can stick a candle in and convince him to blow out instead of, say, grabbing it and trying to eat it or grabbing it and trying to stick it in his hair, both of which seem more likely options for him. We're getting the entree food from a caterer because we're not insane, but dessert remains undecided upon.

Boy, what is it about special occasions that makes people want to prove they can cook? It's not enough that the place is clean and you're out of your pajamas? "Look, I'm actually Martha Stewart! You had no idea, on account of I have Vito's Pizzeria on speed dial and I spend half my workday scarfing vending machine food!" It's like if you can make one side dish, one appetizer from scratch, you've justified referring to yourself as a grownup.

The truth is, DH and I actually can cook. Fairly well, unless our friends are politely lying to us. (For the record, I make a fine banana bread and tasty chocolate chip cookies.) Ability isn't an issue -- time is. When you work all day and then your insatiably hungry Hoover vacuum of a child demands dinner RIGHT NOW, are you going to make beef Stroganoff or are you going to griddle up some turkey burgers, unfreeze some peas and call it a meal? And if you're working the day before you host a party, and you have precisely the amount of energy left over after work and dinner and getting the kid to bed to sink into the couch and watch "What Not to Wear," are you really going to get out the flour and baking powder and start up the mixer?

I can't help but notice that a lot of the cupcake recipes seem to involve using a mix anyway. So Rachael Ray!

So I'm trying to decide what to do, but I'm also deciding dessert is dessert and don't sweat it. Of course, if anyone actually invited to the party reads this, I made it from scratch and Martha loved it.

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  1. Why not do a sheet cake? It will save you a ton of time and be easier to transport. Cupcakes take a while. If you DO make them, use an ice cream scoop to scoop the batter into the muffin cups. Also a good way to transport cupcakes is in shirt boxes without the lid.

    Do you know that you can bake and freeze them? You could also freeze them frosted, though you run the risk of the frosting cracking and sweating when it defrosts.

    Cake defrosts very quickly.

    You could make and bake, then cool and freeze the unfrosted cupcakes. Then pull them out and frost them while frozen. Frozen cake is actually easier to frost.

    However, sheet cake will cover a multitude of sins.

    If I were you, I would make a sheet cake and cover the top in sprinkles. That way if you make any booboos the sprinkles will cover them.

    Cupcakes are cuter, and fun, and easy to serve. But they are a pain in the nuts when you need more than 24.

    Whatever you do will be fine.