Monday, April 29, 2013

Professional help, round 3

Kiddo's pediatrician thinks we should be pursuing further behavioral training, so that he learns proper social skills. This is probably a valid point. Since he seems to be back to having semi-regular incidents at school. (For instance, hitting a classmate with a book today.) Said incidents may or may not be why so few classmates came to his birthday party.

The pediatrician recommended someone who deals in ABA therapy, or applied behavior analysis. Its goals, according to (the therapy is frequently used with kids on the autism spectrum, though can also be used in other circumstances), are:

1. Managing the consequences of behavior by rewarding positive behavior, withholding positive consequences, or – in some cases - using punishment (e.g., scolding) to deter behavior
2. Re-arranging antecedents to promote positive behavior and minimize the likelihood of problem behavior (e.g., clarifying expectations, simplifying tasks, providing choices)
3. Teaching skills that allow individuals to be more successful and less reliant on problem behavior to meet their needs

We do some of this already, obviously, but could probably use the assist.

And speaking of professional help, our former OT facility could use an accountant. Currently DH is serving as one, to find out why they insist they're still owed $700 even though our insurer says they paid the claims. As far as he can tell,  none of the paperwork matches up. The owner has been taking a snippy attitude with us ever since I told off her billing person for expecting me to know more about insurance codes than she did. (I do not regret this, on account of the big hissy fit the owner threw about not getting paid in the first place, even though she didn't bother to tell us about it for months, until the amount owed was huge.)

And as all the adults get mired in arguments about money, kiddo still asks when he's going back to the gym doctor, because he liked it there so much. Even though he hasn't been there since September. Sigh.

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