Saturday, April 6, 2013

And kiddo is 6

He's not up yet, because I got home from work late last night and we had dinner late and baths and I made him do another "book report" -- he's supposed to write down the name of the book and author, draw a picture about the book and write a sentence about it -- because I misunderstood the directions on the whole reading-program thing and he's supposed to have done 19 of these things already, 25 for the school year. So he's doing one nearly every day to catch up. Fortunately he doesn't mind because it means I read a book to him first. Anyway, with all that he got to bed late. No hurry to wake him up, since his party starts at 11.

We're actually doing two parties this weekend, one for school friends and one for family and close friends of ours, most of whom also have kids anyway, all of whom live at least an hour away from us so we'd rather not make them drive out for a two-hour party at a restaurant. So basically, we'll be recovering from the first party and then cleaning the house for the second one. Because clearly we're gluttons for punishment.

I'm hoping he likes the present I made for him -- a Shutterfly book of his Lego creations. He's really pretty good with them, and just for fun I started taking pictures of his strange and fantastic vehicles. Like this one, for instance.

Things have been going well at school. His teacher reports he transitioned back from spring break very well. He has the occasional meltdown with us, because he's tired or hungry generally, but we know to stay calm and wait it out and then he calms down. He's even better about turning off the TV for dinner. So things are ... good? I think? Assuming all goes well at the parties.

And I believe he's up, since I hear him talking to Grandpa. Quiet moment over.

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