Monday, June 30, 2008

Fork off!

So the kid was ready for his very own toddler-type utensils. How did we know? He kept grabbing the fork and/or spoon out of our hands and attempting to use it. Very insistent, this kid. 

And so I embarked on a search for Utensils That Were Not Made in China or Otherwise Covered in Lead-Encased Toxic Goo.

Hey, guess how well I did? Everything is made in China. I want a little baby-size fork that wasn't made in China, I should cook up some steel and make one myself.

Know what I love? Feeling like Bad Mommy because I might be allowing some sort of evil tainted death-causing plastic to come within two miles of my precious child, while also feeling entirely exasperated at the fact that these plastics are unavoidable. It's a lose-lose, with guilt. 

So finally I find a little cutlery set that promises to be phlatate-free, and hooray. I'm still not entirely clear on what phlatates are, but whatever it is, we're not having any. I get a You're Not Poisoning Your Child gold star.

Little one, of course, couldn't care less either way. He likes the fork, though. It makes smooshing the food all over his tray so much easier.

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