Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Somebody pinch me

Because kiddo has had a good week. In fact he's halfway through his second good week. No calls from the school. No impromptu IEP meetings. Lots of smiley faces on his behavior chart.

He doesn't get it either. He said, out of nowhere, that he doesn't understand why he's having good days now. Medication working? All that extra work with the school's behaviorist finally sinking in? Moon in a different position? I'm not sure. I'm not complaining.

He's still just about impossible to drag out of bed and get ready for school. (That's probably not changing.) But he does his schoolwork. He does his homework. He sets the table. He holds the door for me and announces, "Ladies first!" Yes, that is adorable.

There is still the occasional hiccup. You know how some hair salons have that annoying touchscreen for you to check in at, because Heaven forbid you have to talk to one of the employees? Kiddo was great during his haircut, and then immediately afterward latched onto the touchscreen, because it's a screen. Screens don't have to do anything interesting to catch his eye -- they just have to be screens, and turned on. I had to drag him away from it three times. But if that's the worst thing I have to deal with, I don't mind.

He's even started writing stories. Granted, one of them was him vs. John Cena. (One of his classmates is super-into wrestling. I know that's the only reason why kiddo knows who John Cena is.) But I love that he's being creative.

So I hope this lasts. Spring break is coming up and I think we could all use the break -- time away from school, and requirements, and possible judgement. I'm hoping that recharges him, and he has a fabulous rest-of-year.

Also, I'm looking forward to not having to drag him out of bed for a week. You want to sleep in, kiddo? Go ahead. You've earned it.

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