Monday, December 30, 2013


I think the children have been out of school for so long that they've reverted to their natural state, which can best be described as "gleefully off-the-wall." They're bouncing about. They're chasing each other around the house. They're crawling on all fours and pretending to be the hero doggie characters from "Paw Patrol." (Actually that's just kiddette.) They got everything they wanted for Christmas, they got days and days with Grandma, they've eaten Christmas log and apple pie and chocolate and candy canes and ice cream. They had a playdate at the museum and a playdate at their friends' house. Right now they think life is fabulous. Oh, the culture shock when they go back to school. Homework! Healthy food!

Fortunately we've managed to convince them to nap nearly every day, just so we can breathe. What I mean of course is that kiddo naps every day. Kiddette pretends to nap for about five seconds and then grabs a bunch of books from her bedside table and pretends to read, because technically speaking, she can't yet. I'd get annoyed, but I've been reading in bed for just about my whole life -- my parents even installed a wall lamp and a mini-bookcase on the wall next to my upper bunk bed so that I could have easy book access. I figure kiddette is just proving we're genetically linked.

I hope kiddo doesn't look for naptime after he's back at school. I don't think first grade offers a naptime period. Though I've been long convinced that everyone would benefit from a naptime period. Especially me, at about 2 p.m.

So far we have had no issues with his "bomb gun." Which may be because when he asked Santa about it in NY, in his little holiday hut, Santa also told him not to point it at people. He was quite the perceptive Santa. And then he went and made a Jersey joke. We told him where we were from, and he said, "Santa says, what exit?"

Ho ho ho, Santa. You're a card. Hey, you know what Jersey has that the North Pole doesn't have? Summer.

Kiddette loves her purple cat and I can't wait to see what sort of purple animal she dreams up next year. Maybe she'd like a purple giraffe or a lemur. I suspect at some point I'm going to just start bringing generic stuffed animals to my dry cleaning and alterations guy and saying, "Please, make it purple!" He could do that, right? 

Anyway, next weekend I imagine we'll begin the impossible task of packing up all the holiday things and putting them away, and maybe in the process we'll figure out which box has the holiday books, so that next year we can read the kids "The Latke Who Wouldn't Stop Screaming" as well as "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas." Also, maybe next year I'll remember we own an Advent calendar, sometime before Dec. 15.

As for this year, it seems to be ending on a pleasant note, even if the house does look like several small tornadoes have blown through and dropped toys everywhere, which they have. The price of having fun, I guess.

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