Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fireworks, and some recommended reading

We're having a bit of a late start this morning, on account of the fireworks show last night, which was also part of a town carnival. The kids went on the kiddie coaster and the merry-go-round and the bounce house (where we witnessed a helicopter parent supreme practically screaming in agony anytime another child bounced too close to her child; DH made some snarky Harold the Helicopter comments, which went over my head because we've been out of the Thomas loop for some time now. Thankfully).

Then we sat on a blanket and watched the fireworks, at which the kids were alternately thrilled and terrified, which seems about right. They were both hiding under their jackets at various points. Then all the fireworks fragments fell down on our general area, proving that we need to find a better viewing spot next year. Ah well.

Today, kiddo has been an emotional wreck because he's off his sleep and meds schedule, which I kinda figured would happen, but we have no especial plans so it's sort of OK. He threw a grand mal screechy screamy fit about being asked to brush his teeth before his sister, and then I counted him down to time out, and then he threw another fit or three, and finally he sort of calmed down enough to do the time out, and then we brushed teeth (and took meds, and yes, of course this was a factor). Apologies to my neighbors for the screeching, and just let me know if you call DYFS, OK? I'd like to straighten up the house first.

This all proves -- as if we didn't know -- that any deviation from his normal sleep/wake/meds schedule will cause issues. It's like he has absolutely no coping skills for anything, and everything upsets him. Duly noted for the next school year.

He's fine now, though, currently immersed in Legos. Kiddette is trying to diagnose me with a bad case of imaginary hiccups, and insisting I need to take medicine for it.

Me: "Sweetie, you don't take medicine for hiccups."

Kiddette: "Yes, you do!"

Truly, she is strong in her own (wrong) convictions. She'll have a fine career as a pundit. But probably not a doctor.

Meantime, I've been reading this series from the Charlotte Observer, in which a mom of a boy with ADHD recounts her experiences trying to parent him. (Note: I linked to the latest installment, which has links to all the previous installments.) It's pretty well written, and I recognize a lot of what she's describing. Frankly, we're lucky kiddo's medication works with no side effects, because that's just not the case with a lot of kids, and then it's an endless revolving loop of new meds and dropping meds, which is what this mom has been going through. Just imagine the stress.

I think it's pretty brave of her to share her story so openly, especially considering what most of the comments on the articles are like. A representative sample:

"My fourth grade teacher had the perfect cure for ADHD many years ago. You got caught looking out of the window and you got a ruler across your knuckiles."

My favorite part of that? The dude's inability to spell "knuckles." Guess your teacher should've rapped you harder, huh?

(Side note: Why is it trolls never know how to spell? Do they take illiteracy as some sort of badge of honor? Do they secretly give out prizes to each other for Most Humiliating Typo of the Year? Because I'd like to nominate this one.)

But that's the general tone. For every commenter who says "thank you for writing this, I'm going through the same thing," there's a few others who write "ADHD is made up and you're a lousy parent and you should try beating your kid a few times." Typical, I guess.

Anyway, please read the series. It's nice to see some mainstream media attention that isn't all about how kids are ODing on ADHD drugs.

Incidentally, the Happy Mama Conference and Retreat is this weekend. Looking forward to it, in between angst about not missing the flight and wondering what to wear, because I am that shallow. Any useful info I gather, I will of course share on thishere blog. Also, since it's in The South, I'm looking forward to some sweet tea. And maybe grits.

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