Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A setback or two

So kiddo and I went to the school's mother-son dance on Thursday. I waffled about going at first -- was he too young? was I just looking for an excuse to dance somewhere? -- until it was pointed out that now is the optimum time to take him to such a thing, because he isn't yet mortified to be seen in public with me. There was a DJ and cookies and other boys (some in button-downs and ties) running about, and all the moms got flowers and had their pictures taken with their sons, and I chatted with the other moms and danced and kiddo and I even danced a bit. I requested "Somebody That I Used to Know" for him because he loves that song, which he refers to as "The Robot Song," and he does the robot dance to it. We had a fine time.

And then the next day at school, he got in trouble twice for being physical with kids -- to the point of being sent out of the room -- and got two check marks on his chart.

It was such the opposite of his behavior lately that the school folks and I were emailing back and forth trying to pinpoint the reason. All I can figure is, the dance. He was up too late, he ate too many cookies, I don't know, all of the above? I'm just thrilled the thing he and I did for fun sent him into a trouble spiral the next day.

He seemed generally okay over the weekend, especially since the weekend included a most fabulous birthday party aboard an honest-to-goodness chugging train (much thanks to C.). He still seemed okay on Monday, back to his usual nine checks. Today, he got no checks. That's "no" as in "zero," as in worse than he's ever done on the chart before. And he hit a kid with the sensory cushion he's supposed to be using to sit on.

Today was also a delayed opening for the district due to the boatload of snow that suddenly got dumped on us last night and stretched my commute home to two hours, thanks a lot, weather gods. A delayed opening for kindergarten, since it's half-day around these parts, means A.M. kindergarten is lengthened while P.M. is canceled, or vice versa. No, I don't understand it either. The upshot was, kiddo went into kindergarten later than usual and was there longer than usual, and he's lousy with changes in routine. Apparently today, really really lousy.

Now I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. Back to nine checks, since we're back to regular hours? Or will something else throw him off? Does this mean the medication isn't working? Do we increase the dose? Add another medication? Keep him home whenever school is delayed? Seal him in a bubble and never let him leave the house? I'm at a bit of a loss.

We're seeing the psychiatrist this weekend so we'll discuss with her then, obviously. He just needs to get through the week without too much more trouble, if that's possible.

He can't just totally collapse whenever something is off kilter in his world. Things are always off kilter in real life. If he never learns to handle that, how can he ever function?

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