Thursday, February 10, 2011

Testing testing

Going car shopping on your own is kind of fun. (As long as you don't examine the price sticker too closely, that is.) Going car shopping with two small children is a logistical nightmare. Do you: 1. haul the car seats into the car to be test driven, so you can make sure said seats and children fit inside the car, knowing you'll have to haul everything back out of the car five minutes later; 2. take turns watching the kids at the dealership while the other person drives the car; or 3. make the nice man at the dealership watch your kids for you while you motor off into the sunset? Believe it or not, the guy offered #3; we went with #2.

They had a little kiddie area at the dealership, with some 1970s-looking toys and a tiny TV/VCR combo that, impressively, still worked. We watched Elmo. I swear I will never understand the appeal of Elmo, what with the squeaky voice and the grating little laugh and the weird grammar that's almost as tortured as Yoda's. I say this even though I've been reading interviews with Kevin Clash lately, since there was a documentary about him showing at Sundance, and he seems like a lovely person. Basically I'm just a Big Bird kind of girl.

I suppose I should have been horrified that Cookie Monster came out to sing "C is for Cookie" because it gives the kids bad ideas about cookie cookie cookie no bad sugar -- isn't that how moms are supposed to react these days? -- but mainly I felt sweetly nostalgic, and I caught myself singing it to kiddette the other day. Hey, I grew up with it, and I eat salads anyway. (And cookies.)

Ultimately we went with the car we test drove, which is an SUV but not a scary behemoth gas-guzzling one. Good thing we did not go with a minivan, since the one we were renting while we waited for our car to be trucked in was both behemoth and gas-guzzling. Apparently the needle flipped to empty if you breathed on the dashboard a couple times. 

So here we are, a two-car family once again. Back to normal ... ish. Though I don't know whether DH will ever be comfortable highway driving again. I guess time will tell.

At any rate, we can spend our weekends doing something more relaxing than car shopping.

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