Monday, January 3, 2011

No more wandering

Kiddo's eyes, that is. It's been more than a month and we haven't seen them drift out once. The redness seems about gone, too. And the eye doctor is quite satisfied with his progress. I guess you'd call this an optimum result.

He seems to have forgotten the whole thing, which might be for the best. I will be perfectly happy if the only thing we ever have to worry about with his eyes again is the inevitable glasses, since Mommy and Daddy are both four-eyed types.

I can't say he's behaving any differently -- he seemed to be doing well in school anyway, and he still won't eat dinner unless dinner involves pizza and/or chicken nuggets. But the point, I think, is that this would've eventually affected his behavior if his eyes had continued to deteriorate. So the timing was dead on.

Now if we could just get this kid to use the potty regularly, we'd be set.

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