Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's kind of fascinating, watching people's reactions when I answer the question "So do you know what you're having?"

A lot of women immediately coo happily, "Oh, a girl, girls are wonderful." Other people seem pleased that we're ending up with one of each. The nice man at the convenience store the other day couldn't believe it, because I'm carrying mainly in front and when his wife was pregnant, the sons were all in front and the daughters were all over. (And then he proudly pointed out his 12-year-old boy, working at the gas station outside. It was too cute.)

And then everyone wants to know am I happy about it. Did I have a preference? Kind of. Maybe. Not really.

Sure, a girl will be nice. I'll have someone to pass on makeup tips to, for one thing, now that I have half a clue about makeup. Also I guess there's jewelry to pass on and such. Girl Scouts. Prom dress shopping.

But this boy's world of Thomas the Tank Engine and dirt under fingernails has actually been kinda fun. (Although I'm hoping he never goes out for football.) And there are so many same-gender siblings in our families, I was prepared for two boys.

Ultimately I'm happy it's a baby. And whatever that baby is like is fine by me.

Although it would be cool if she were the first woman to play major league baseball. Unlikely. But cool.


  1. I am sooo excited for you. The kiddo is so cute, this baby is going to be BEAUTIFUL.

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